AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

Power producing device service

AJV – ENERGO, a.s. Company carries out assembly and repair service of turbine sets and their accessories. Our technical expert team uses the latest high quality technologies to check devices, to find defects, to renovate parts or to manufacture new ones. The parts are assembled and brought into operation, operation personnel are trained and all repair documents supplied. We offer guarantee repairs and after guarantee service. Our work standards include continuous reporting on device condition and repairs executed, which we believe results in the complete satisfaction of our business partners.

AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

Head office:

Vlkov 134
594 53 Osová Bítýška
Česky e-mail: ales.valik@ajvenergo.cz
tel: +420 731 584 678

English e-mail: jiri.valik@ajvenergo.cz
tel: +420 733 108 600

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