AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

Turbine repairs

The company focuses on repairing the rotary units, in particular on complex repairs of turbines of up to do 200 MW. The repairs (usual, medium, or general) are performed on the basis the scope identified within the review report after an agreement with the operator, including the replacement of rotor blades and stator components, the repair (replacement) of steam and oil seals, and recasting the sliding bearings with a tin composite. Ensuring dynamic balancing at reduced and operation speeds is an inseparable part of repairs, as well as repairs of actuators or the machine unit, such as control and emergency stop high-pressure valves or flow-back valves and repairs of lubrication systems, including the repairs of oil pumps. Similarly, we also provide repairs of other rotary units, such as turbochargers for blower drive, high-pressure pumps, etc.

AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

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