AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

Production of spare parts for energy industry

In order to provide repairs of energy equipment, the company has its own manufacturing capacities necessary to manage not only the repairs of damaged components, but also to produce new components. For the production of large rotary units, the production hall in the repairs facility has been equipped with an NC lathe with a turning diameter of 1,500 mm and a turning length od 5,500 mm, as well as a number of machine tools. The company produces the new blading material and the repairs of sliding composite bearings.

AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

Head office:

Vlkov 134
594 53 Osová Bítýška
Česky e-mail: ales.valik@ajvenergo.cz
tel: +420 731 584 678

English e-mail: jiri.valik@ajvenergo.cz
tel: +420 733 108 600

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