AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

About AJV – ENERGO, a.s. Company

AJV-ENERGO, a.s. was estabilshed in December 2000 and over the time has become a typical family business. Its activities are based on the wide activities of experts in the fields of steam, gas and water turbine repair and renovation. During the time, various experts in turbine generators, pipe fittings, high-pressure control elements of steam turbines, fans ant pumps. Company’s factory in Vlkov (near Osová Bítýška) produces spare parts for power engineering devices and does repairs on them, including stator repairs and rotor reblading.

Special activities of company’s experts include co-operation with Czech experts on research and development of new abrasion resistant material – polyamide PA-6, which is used in open-pit mines, power station facilities and coal transport lines.

Our customers are not only the traditional dominant companies running their businesses in the Czech Republic in the fields of coal mining, electricity production, heat generation, in chemical and refinery industries. Lately varoius companies running factory and city heating plants, cement works have become our customers, and so have woodworking and sugar industry companies.

Our vision:

„Our goal is to keep first class quality of repair service that bring economic benefit to our customers for reasonable price of repairs. We wish to maintain good relations with our customers. Such relations should be based on mutual trust, reliableness and profit for both sides.“

Ing. Alois Valík
AJV - ENERGO, a.s.

Head office:

Vlkov 134
594 53 Osová Bítýška
Česky e-mail: ales.valik@ajvenergo.cz
tel: +420 731 584 678

English e-mail: jiri.valik@ajvenergo.cz
tel: +420 733 108 600

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